How to weld optical frames?

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Q: How to weld optical frames?

A: Here please check the steps tp weld optical frames:

Don safety glasses and gloves. Place a piece of cardboard on a table as well as a small wet sponge nearby. Plug in the solder or brazing gun and let it limber up.

Clamp the eyeglasses in a vice. Position the glasses appropriately to give you straightforward usage of the portion that has to have fixing. Apply a layer of solder flux — whether soldering or brazing — to the two aspects of the frame you are going conjoin. Soldering flux is really a chemical liquid that expedites the welding process.

Solder the tip in the gun. Run solder metal alloy in the entire top of the tip. Gently rub the end about the wet sponge to take out excess solder residue. The cardboard surface is employed to trap dripping solder.

Weld the frame together. Touch the tip towards two portions of frame to "glue" the frame together again. Weld all sides of the frame to ensure a secure fix.

Switch off the gun and unplug it.

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