How to tint optical lenses? EA045

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Q: How to tint optical lenses?

A: Turn on your tint machine and enable it to hot up. Consult the directions for ones tint machine, but a lightweight should appear once it has heated towards appropriate temperature. Mix together your lens dye packets and lens dye solution and pour the mix into your tint machine's tray. The tint machine will heat the dye. The amount of time you will need to heat the dye does vary depending on the style of machine you are using, so consult the tint machine's manual or directions.

Put your lenses into the lens holders if the dye has heated towards the appropriate temperature and clamp them in place. Lower the lenses in to the dye. The amount of time you permit the lenses in the dye would depend on how dark you want the tint for being. For any light tint, leave them in for only a minute. For just a medium tint, leave them set for no more than two minutes. For the dark tint, you are able to leave them set for a couple of hours.

Improve the lenses out from the dye, get rid of the clamps and lay the lenses on your cleaning cloth. Inspect the lenses to view if they are from the tint intensity you want in case both lenses are of the intensity. If you'd like a darker tint during one or each of the lenses, place one of these from the dye solution until there're of the intensity you wish.

Enable the dye to dry within the lenses with an hour when you have the suitable intensity. Clean the lenses with lens-cleaning solution and an optical cloth.

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Product Info

tint optical lenses

tint optical lenses

tint optical lenses

tint optical lenses

  • Model No: EA045
  • Highlight: Latest Fashion Style
  • Gender: Woman’s Eyewear
  • Age Group: Adults
  • Frame Size: 54-16-135
  • Shape: Rectangle Eyewear
  • Spring Hinge: No
  • Color: Pink
  • Available Color: Blue
  • Material: Acetate
  • Tips: No
  • Bridge: Unadjustable nose pads
  • Original: ShenZhen
  • Rim: Full-Rim Spectacle
  • Certificate: CE and FDA are certificated

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Shipping Info:

  • Package: 1pcs/Poly-bag, 12pcs/Inner Box, 300PCS/Carton
  • Carton Box Size: 84*27*31
  • Cross Weight: 12KGS
  • HS Code: 90031900
  • Delivery Time: Within 7 days upon received your payment


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