How to minimize the weight of optical lenses optical glasses?

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the weight of optical lenses optical glasses

Q: How to minimize the weight of optical lenses optical glasses?

A: Some people often ask that how to minimize the weight of optical lenses optical glasses? Here please check the ways:

Order plastic lenses in the event you wear glass, that's the heaviest material for eyeglass lenses. The extra weight of your lenses is significantly reduced if you change to plastic. The Cleveland Clinic notes that plastic is easily the most popular material for spectacle lenses.

Try polycarbonate lenses, that are even lighter plus much more shatter-resistant than plastic. Polycarbonate lenses are approximately 30 percent lighter than plastic lenses.

Ask your eye care practitioner an advanced good candidate for just a hi-index lens, here you should know some knowledge of the disadvantages of high index optical lens.  An aspheric lens or perhaps a combination of the two. Leading surface of any regular lens is curved through the front as being a baseball, but aspherical lenses use a gradual, flatter curve. Most aspheric lenses are manufactured from a hi-index material which is thinner and lighter than regular lenses. Hi-index lenses are manufactured from a compressed plastic that is certainly lighter than conventional plastic.

Take a smaller frame. The higher the frame, the heavier your lenses. Frames are produce of plastic or metal and both materials are believed lightweight. However, bulky frames with thick temples — the part that rests on your own ears — add weight in your glasses. Choose frames with thin lines and less bulk to relieve the extra weight of this frames.

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