What are the dangers of teflon coated optical frames?

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teflon coated optical frames

Q: What are the dangers of teflon coated optical frames?

A: Heat Production
If left as part of your car on a sunny day, sunshine will warm up the lenses. This is a danger because not only can you burn yourself while using warmth generated on the sun, but when they become too hot, they are able to emit poisonous gases.

Poisonous Gases
When the coating within the lenses reaches 464 degrees F, a toxic gas often known as C-8, or ammonium perfluorooctanoate, emits from the lenses. This chemical is recognized to cause various kinds of cancer and organ damage in laboratory animals, according to Tuberose.com.

Documented Health Risks
Heated Teflon is recognized to kill quite a few household birds annually, and causes an unknown volume of human illnesses. Such illnesses include some kinds of cancer, in addition to organ toxicity and damage. In low doses, the gases emitted from Teflon are certainly not considered a health risk; just make sure that you simply maintain Teflon-coated lenses covered in a very glasses case, instead of ignored in the open.

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