Spectacle Frame Structure

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If you are starting a new optician shop, you have to know the Spectacle Frame Structure as the first lesson.

The frames are usually made of front, nose, head piece and temple and other main parts.

Spectacle Frame Structure

Frames front ( Spectacle Frame Structure-1): the lens assembly position, with a metal wire, nylon wire and screw, with a groove or a hole to fix the lens, it affects the lens cutting and lens shape.

Bridge ( Spectacle Frame Structure-2): connecting the left and right lens ring or fixedly connected directly with lens. The bridge of the nose is placed directly in the nose, but also by stipules supported on the nose.

Nose pad ( Spectacle Frame Structure-3): including the stipule ridge, a stipule box and stipules, direct contact with nose stipule, plays a supporting role and the stability of frames. Some of molded plastic frame can be no stipule ridge and the stipule box, stipules and mirror ring.

Head piece ( Spectacle Frame Structure-4): frames mirror ring and the mirror angle connection, is generally curved.

Tips ( Spectacle Frame Structure-5): hook rack on the ears, movable, and head piece is attached, fixed mirror ring plays a role.

Hinge ( Spectacle Frame Structure-6): connection head piece and temple of a joint.

The locking block ( Spectacle Frame Structure-7): screwing screw, the mirror ring openings on both sides of the locking block fastening, thereby fixing the lens effect. In addition to the parts of the outer frame, and a foot sleeve, stipules screw, hinge screws, such as the eyebrows.

With above info and FRAME MEASUREMENTS, you know how to choose right frame now.

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