Scandinavia Optical Eyewear Market Overview of 2012

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Whatever the global overall economy this year the Scandinavia Optical Eyewear Market grew within the review period. The strongest factor driving this development was more Swedes needed vision correction because of their increased by using computers. Moreover, Swedes have a tendency to get more than one two of spectacles each to be able to change their spectacles good occasion. This reflects an elevated desire to have fashion and design, since spectacles are increasingly viewed as products.
Most Swedes needing vision correction choose spectacles, but an escalating proportion of those in addition have selected for the purpose of to become a complementary product. Product developments concerning the launches a vast amount of more at ease for the purpose of which they can use with an extended period have elicited interest from many Swedes. A fresh development, since 2000 is that, fashion and design are increasingly directing Swedes’ various spectacle frames. Additionally, spectacle frames manufactured by well-known international designer brands are becoming a lot more popular.
The competitive environment of the Swedish eyewear companies is significantly different over the different segments. The marketplace for contacts is very engrossed in multinational manufacturers, including Ciba Vision and CooperVision. The Swedish in spectacle glasses is frequently concentrated among several multinational manufacturers, as an example Essilor and Carl Zeiss.
In comparison, industry in spectacle frames is highly and increasingly fragmented, weight loss well-known international designer brands compete for Swedish consumers’ attention. Compared using other subsectors inside eyewear market, Swedish market in spectacle frames is protected with domestic brands, like Skaga and Efva Attling.

Scandinavia Optical Eyewear Market
The more common retailers of optical backpacks are a vital channel for distribution of eyewear in Scandinavia, but you are facing increasing competition via internet inside the when it comes to sector. To fulfill with this threat, traditional retailers have introduced subscription offering a box that features a month’s method of getting for the purpose of, that is just like convenient as Shopping on the web but with an additional selling point of professional support from an optician.
Because of the overall trends of more Swedes needing vision correction and purchasing more spectacles, the eyewear marketplace is anticipated to expanding through the forecast period. The spectacles sector is predicted to help keep the more important in both value and volume terms since the Swedes’ first variety of product. Within lenses, stronger growth is anticipated in those longer use, that happen to be overtaking from two-weekly/monthly disposable when it comes to.

Disposable lenses in Scandinavia
•    More Swedes needed vision correction plus more spectacle users were using when considering as a complement during the entire review period, which led to increased sales of lenses in Scandinavia. As outlined by a business source, the improved reliance on vision correction is attributable to the improved make use of computers. Almost all of Swedes use computers being a working tool, look a screen 60 cm facing them, that may cause myopia.
•    The leading brand owners around the Swedish disposable lenses market in 2009 were the well-known international manufacturers Ciba Vision (28.9%), CooperVision (22.0%) and Johnson & Johnson (21.6%). Strong advertising support has promoted products on the relative newcomer CooperVision in Swedish homes. CooperVision continued to achieve share checking competitors (up by 0.7 percentage points), while Bausch & Lomb lost probably the most share (down by 0.9 percentage points). Industry leader Ciba Vision is less active than CooperVision in launching new services for your Swedish market.
•    Caused by increased through the use of computers, a huge and increasing proportion of Swedes need and employ vision correction, and also the selection of Swedes needing vision correction will probably increase on the forecast period. That's why the Swedish market connected lenses is predicted to stay to cultivate. The proportion of Swedes needing vision correction is simply not expected to grow without limit, however, plus the market currently seems reaching its saturation point.
Spectacles in Scandinavia
•    Brought on by increased make use of computers, more Swedes require vision correction, containing generated increased sales of spectacles. Moreover, fashion has become increasingly imperative that you Swedish consumers, which include led these to buy new pairs of spectacles with greater frequency.
•    In 2011 the principle brand owners around the Swedish cost spectacles were the internationally well-known manufacturers of spectacle lenses – Essilor (8.9%), Carl Zeiss (7.8%), and Hoya (5.3%) – which acquired these positions for their technical expertise in optics.
•    The Swedish sell for spectacles is predicted to keep growing inside forecast period. Although more Swedes are expected to need vision correction, it's unlikely that a majority of Swedes need it, and at some point the expansion must continue to dope off. What could also drive the sales of spectacles from your forecast period may be the trend towards buying more pairs of spectacles in order to change one’s spectacles tailored for the occasion.
Key Player in Scandinavia Optical Eyewear Market
Future Trading AB – Eyewear – Scandinavia
Future Trading was established in 1984. Immediately, direct sunlight and reading glasses were in focus. Later Prestige was given birth to, our primary own brand. Today, our portfolio consists exclusively in our own brands like Dr. Zipe, Bliz, Prestige, Granite and Swing.
Futures may be the leading company under the sun, sports, and reading glasses in Scandinavia. I am around 40 employees, for example the Danish subsidiary Future Danmark.
Sales will be in the placement of SEK 100 million, and then we distribute over two million glasses & goggles on a yearly basis. Future is represented through distributors and agents in over 10 countries everywhere over the earth. Our products have unique design and follows this year's trends will more often than not be reflected in the collections. The full items are of high quality finish.

Scandinavian Eyewear AB
Scandinavian Eyewear may be a genuine Swedish company which was designing eyewear since 1948, so this means over 60 numerous a lot of designing, developing and periodically also producing glasses 1 combined with same place – deep within the forests of Jönköping, in Småland, Scandinavia. It truly is here which our roots are. It is here you could find flexibility, knowledge and quality. It really is here which you could check ideas.
With this classic Skaga brand, which as time passes could possibly be manufactured by many renowned Swedish designers, we have been proud to claim that folks made our very distinctive mark on eyewear design in Scandinavia. We now have a heritage and history that few eyewear brands can can compare to – an individual that signifies that behind our products lies a good info on craftsmanship.
Background tradition is very valuable – but only they are utilized as being a platform out of which one to create new visions. At Scandinavian Eyewear i'm constantly planning to the long run and attempt to remain at the forefront individuals own industry, whether this implies developing materials and technology or design and expression.
Our strength is based on that the one focus your own small business is eyewear. We design and develop portions of the greatest quality, with elegant design solutions and awareness of detail, not one other. Today, together with our in-house Skaga range, this provider has several strong brands of their portfolio. These brands have their very own individual style and character, but excellent and dedicated personal commitment are factors them all have in respect.
Scandinavian Eyewear enjoys a location-leading position from the Nordic countries. Since 1999 this company happens to be portion of the Lammhults Design Group.

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