How to repair an acrylic optical frame?

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repair an acrylic optical frame

Q: How to repair an acrylic optical frame?

A: Please take a close go through the break within the glasses. To check whether there is a lens with a huge scratch, or others. In the event the break isn't clean or you'll find pieces missing, you possibly will not be capable of glue the frame together.

If your break is clean or in a straight line, wipe the eyeglass frame that has a lint-free cloth to take out any dust from your area.

Read the directions on your own glue, ensuring it is compatible with acrylic. Also make note from the recommended drying time.

Dab a bit of glue onto a toothpick and quickly rub the glue in the toothpick onto either side from the broken acrylic. Ensure the glue is still wet within this process.

Offer the two broken pieces tightly together for around a minute or as directed through your glue manufacturer.

Gently put the eyeglasses using a solid surface. Allow the frame to dry without treatment for an additional hour to ensure that the glue has properly bonded the break.







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