How to remove fog from eyewear glasses?

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remove fog from eyewear glasses

Q: How to remove fog from eyewear glasses?

A: Good topic of "remove fog from eyewear glasses".

Remove your glasses for a few minutes and allow them defog naturally. Sometimes the humidity in everyone's thoughts causes your glasses to fog up.

Spray your glasses with anti-fogging solution should the 1st step doesn't have long-lasting success. Anti-fogging aerosol can found at most drug-stores. When you have sensitive eyes, however, you will probably find which the spray irritates you.

Use Unisol 4 Saline solution when you have sensitive eyes. Prior using this solution, wash both hands with baking soda.

Rinse your glasses thoroughly while using the baking soda.

Squeeze approximately 2 to 3 drops of the saline around the the inner corner of this lens. Be sure to do that for both lenses. Put the glasses on prior to the solution completely dries. The most effective prevents your glasses from fogging up.

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