Personalized Freeform Technology

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With Personalized Freeform Technology, the customized lenses are calculated and optimized taking into account the position and orientation of the lens in each frame and user. This makes the perceived power by the eye not change and, therefore, remain constant whatever the real position of use of the lens is in each user.

  • Optimized point by point surface
  • Considers all possible gaze directions
  • Reduces oblique aberrations
  • Complete personalization (input parameters)
  • Excellent clarity in wraparound frames as well
  • Optimum vision quality also for high prescriptions
  • Double label

These designs are personalized so the following parameters are needed:

  1. Prescription data.
  2. Frame parameters (HBOX, VBOX, DBL).
  3. Pupillary distances and heights (IPD and SEGHT).
  4. Pantoscopic tilt (PANTO): Possible values between -5º and 25º. If no value is given, values of 12º in PAL and 8º in single vision will be taken by default.
  5. Wrapping angle (ZTILT): Possible values between 0º and 45º. If no value is given, a value of 5º will be taken by default.
  6. Vertex distance: Possible values between 7 and 30mm. If no value is given, a value of 14mm will be taken by default.
  7. Near working distance: Possible values between 20 and 48cm. If no value is given, a value of 35cm will be taken by default.

It is very important to give the real parameters in order to get a total personalization. If the default values are taken, the personalization is not complete.

Personalized Freeform Technology

The position of the lens in each wearer is taken into account

Lens calculated with Personalized Freeform technology: Perceived Power

Personalized Freeform Technology

Different insets from 0 to 4 in 0,50 steps automatically calculated-Multiple inset positions
Personalized Freeform Technology

Perceived power ≠ measured power in Personalized Freeform technology lenses

The power perceived by the user will be the prescription given by the optician. However, the power measured by the focimeter will be different.

Personalized Freeform Technology

For example

Perceived power:

Far: Sph 0,00

Near: Sph +2,00

Measured power:

Far: Sph +0,03

Near: Sph +1,87 (Cyl -0,14 with Axis 170º)

That difference is corrected varying the power of the lens so that the eye receives the prescribed power. The new power of the lens will be automatically calculated by the software.


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