How to paint optical glasses?

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paint optical glasses

Q: How to paint optical glasses?

A: Please check the following steps as to "paint optical glasses".

 Clean the eyeglass frames with soap, using rags. Rinse the frames with clean wet rags. Dry the frames that has a towel.

Abrade plastic eyeglass frames with sandpaper. Scour the frames until they feel slightly rough. Use scissors to reduce the sandpaper into smaller pieces as appropriate. Skip this task in the event the eyeglass frames are metallic.

Protect the lenses from paint by covering all of them with professional painter's tape. Use scissors to take the tape into smaller pieces. Lay the eyeglass frames on a fabric drop curtain.

Coat plastic eyeglass frames with acrylic latex spray primer. Contain the spray can 8 inches in the frames while spraying. Use galvanized metal etching spray primer on metallic eyeglass frames. Wait four hours for the primed frames to dry.

Coat primed eyeglass frames with acrylic spray paint. Offer the aerosol 8 inches in the frames while spraying. Wait 2 hours. Apply another coat if your primer bleeds through. Wait eight hours before wearing the eyeglasses.

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