Oblique Aberrations

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Lens performance became lower as we look away from the optical centre. This is the result of Oblique Aberrations appears when light refracted obliquely, which happens whenever we look in normal lens edge directions.

Oblique Aberrations

Those unwanted rays do not focus on the retina. Oblique aberrations reduce the quality of vision outside centre of the lens. For high prescription and wrap frames, the effect is even stronger.

Oblique aberrations

Prescription influence
Classical or Traditional lenses:
•The higher the prescription is, the more notable the effect of the oblique aberrations is.
•Increasing the prescription and varying pantoscopic/wrapping angles, the power perceived by the eye is increasingly different to the original prescription given by the optician.

Therefore, the modern free-form technology developed mathematics methods to calculate the optimized lens surface for everywhere. The backside of lens surface was well adjusted through such calculation till all lights focused on the retina correctly.

Oblique aberrations

Oblique aberrations reduction

  • Accurate prescription for every gaze direction thanks to the oblique aberrations reduction
  • Excellent clarity also out of the optical centre.
  • High resolution in the periphery of the lens.

Oblique aberrations

The position of use of the lens affects the perceived power, Influence of wrap angle and pantoscopic tilt on the user power

The frame wrapping angle has above all influence on high wraparound frames.

Along with the pupillary distances and heights, the value of pantoscopic tilt is the most influential.


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