How to mix progressive lenses with contact lenses?

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mix progressive lenses with contact lenses

Q: How to mix progressive lenses with contact lenses?

A: Think about can I wear contact lenses. Decide how you want to wear your progressive lenses and contact lenses.Essentially the most convenient solution to mix progressive lenses and contacts is usually to wear your lenses for distance and also have a couple progressive lens glasses for use just by reading over the contacts. The gap percentage of the progressive lenses will not have any correction, even so the reading and intermediate component of the lenses will contain your close-up prescription.

Find frames that can fit progressive lenses. Your eyes really should be centered inside the top the main glasses. Bigger frames perform most optimally with progressive lenses, although most smaller frames holds the no-lines bifocals. The bigger the frame, the greater reading area your lenses can have.

Select progressive lenses that fit yourself and work. There are several forms of no-line lenses and in addition they can be found in many different styles. Better lenses employ a wider corridor, negligence your lens that gets stronger in the core lens on the bottom, and less of the "blur" area as being the power changes. Consider a better quality lens if you do a large amount of close work for long periods of time.

Mix your progressive lenses with contacts that alter your the color of eyes. Contacts can be purchased that enhance lighter eyes and change brown eyes to blue or green. Purchasing a two of tinted contacts in distance vision may appear far more economical than bifocal contacts. Wear the tinted distance contacts along with a set of two progressive lens glasses them over if you want to perform close work.

Choose contacts which contain progressive lens power as an alternative to glasses. Disposable lenses are now for sale in both soft and rigid material that correct for near and far and combine the function of progressive spectacle lenses.

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