How to measure the nose bridge of optical frames?

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measure the nose bridge

Q: How to measure the nose bridge of optical frames?

A: Good topic of "measure the bridge of glasses". The vital thing I would like to teach you is where you will find the nose bridge measurement in your eyeglasses. Generally they may be on the lining of this bridge. There's usually likely to be two numbers there. The primary larger number will probably be your eye size. The next number is your actual bridge measurement. You can also sometimes find this on the inside of the temple or on plastic frames, sometimes you'll find them on the medial side the bridge on the dot pad there. There are 2 main types of bridge pieces on eyeglasses. The foremost is a nonadjustable unifit bridge as you see about this frame here. That's also really present with find on a plastic frame. These frames must essentially fit you perfect due to there being no adjustments we can do on the dot pads to ensure they are satisfy your bridge better. Your second type is the type with adjustable nose pads. Virtually you can now wear these because we can adjust them to suit your bridge. It is usually recommended that you assist your optician to see what's more wholesome and look at additionally comfortable to suit your needs. I'm Amy and that is a little bit about nose bridge measurements for eyeglasses.

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