How do I measure base curve of the eye?

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measure base curve of the eye

Q: How do I measure base curve of the eye?

A: As to the question of "measure base curve of the eye", please check the steps:
Sit in a chair on one side from the keratometer. The keratometer carries a chin and forehead rest before a unit having a lens. The vision care professional will take a seat on additional side in the machine.

Wipe the forehead and chin rest having an alcohol swab. The vision care professional often will work this available for you.

Keep eye open as being the vision care professional focuses the lens on either the right or left eye. Target the image the thing is that inside lens. Different machines have different images, from geometric shapes to landscapes. The equipment produces a noise as the picture goes into and out-of-focus. The device shines an easy with your eye and measures the reflection of these light off your retina. Its measures are the refraction of the light since it passes through your eye's lens and cornea. Then it calculates the beds base curve of these eye.

The vision care professional moves the lens towards other eye and repeats.

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