How to make an optical lens?

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make an optical lens

Q: How to make an optical lens?

A: Please check the following steps to make an optical lens:

Find the appropriate lens blank for that prescription.

Grind curves into your lens while using the Curve Generator for the lens to stick to the optical prescription.

Mark the point where the lens must be centered above the pupil, and the optical center, utilizing a Lensometer.

Cover the lenses in adhesive tape to avoid the lenses from scratching.

Place one lens at any given time in the Blocking Machine. During the blocking machine, charge alloy based liquid will fuse the lens to a block and keep the lens stable.

Place one lens during a period into your Curve Generator that has been calibrated to the appropriate prescription and grind the curves into the back on the lens.

Insert the lenses right into a fining machine for polishing.

Get rid of the blocks from the lenses having a small hammer following fining process continues to be completed.

Detach the adhesive tape from each lens.

Mark the correct lens that has a "L" or maybe a "R" to denote the right and left lens.

Before you insert it into frame, you should know some tricks to cut an optical lens.

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