Japan Optical Eyewear Market Overview of 2012

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Japan Optical Eyewear Market Overview

The entire performance for the eyewear market was seen as an much fiercer competition because global market meltdown negatively affected the sales of both for the purpose of and spectacles. The entry of economy brands into your market along with the increased influx of lower-priced cheap brands into Japan reflected their distributors’ growing desperation to obtain a foothold in that market by offering consumers price-competitive brands at reduced prices for most subsectors. Despite each one of these setbacks, increase in involvement in eyewear remained positive, with sales directed for that fashion segment (coloured contacts and sophisticated spectacles), improved functionality, durability and price-competitive products.
Ageing population considered market opportunity
The ageing within the inhabitants are bringing about a transformation of the industry for many manufacturers who anticipate a greater in need for prescription disposable lenses and spectacles. This group has high incidences of myopia and astigmatism, and consists of pensioners who could spend more on themselves and might buy premium and luxury eyewear products following your market setbacks experienced with the review period. Manufacturers have responded by introducing items which meet the requirements and standards while using the elderly, paying attention to specific consumer needs and offering appropriate products to meet those needs.

Japan Optical Eyewear Market Overview
Competition inside eyewear market intensifies
To experience market leadership, manufacturers made efforts to improve brand recognition by aggressively expanding their product lines in numerous distribution channels, introduced unique variations of spectacles to some target various age brackets and markets, and improved their advertising ways to match the looming threats in the marketplace. Competition within the eyewear marketplace is beginning for being intense, which is leading domestic manufacturers to look for to flourish their operations overseas. Conversely, present day product developments from the sector provide the advanced technology included in the manufacturing process, and so on the employment of premium and alternative materials to upgrade materials found in the development stage.
Store-based retailing still a favorite channel
Beauty and health retailers remain an important channel for that eyewear market, although their share of distribution declined inside review period. The rising availability of supermarkets because the second essential channel compelled manufacturers to tap their potential as outlets, since the share of Internet retailing in overall sales also increased in the review period.
Market likely to succeed in the foreseeable future
The prospects while using the eyewear market in Japan remain positive, and manufacturers are anticipated to diversify their product portfolios, while keeping specific brands that appeal to the needs of various consumer types. So that you can boost purchases, manufacturers may innovate in new product launches, that may be critical to get sales. Manufacturers might also introduce new brands to draw customers’ awareness of the roles of both vision correction and fashion inside eyewear market.

Key player in Japan Optical Eyewear Market
Menicon Co Ltd
Seiko Optical Products Co Ltd
Tokai Optical Co Ltd

Contact lenses in Japan
•    Increase in demand in the lenses market remains positive. Sales are increasingly directed towards coloured lenses, which are transforming into a fashion accessory, especially among younger consumers. Lenses with improved functionality will also be proving popular, in particular those with high oxygen penetration (which were safer to maintain with regards to hygiene) and thinner but durable brands (which have been governed by less discoloration when find sunlight).
•    Companies that held the most important market shares a year ago included Bausch & Lomb Inc, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Inc, Menicon Co. Ltd, Ciba Vision KK, and CooperVision Inc. These manufacturers were aggressive in introducing brands into your market, along with maintaining significant distribution networks through the entire country.
•    The market in touch lenses is predicted to be to show positive performance during the entire period 2009–2014. One's destiny pattern of demand are going to be shaped by two factors. First, manufacturers will introduce new brands of disposable lenses, that will get more consumers’ fascination with both their curative and fashion aspects. Second, rapidly competition already in the market, awesome launches will sell well, particularly when new and improved lenses are introduced since you expected inside the forecast period.
Spectacles in Japan
•    The market industry for spectacles in Japan is constantly on the exhibit positive performance (that's characterized by intense competition due to the recent entry of economy brands), the dictates of fashion (which require manufacturers to follow latest shapes and fashions), and advances in technology (that provides manufacturers some leeway to increase the suitability of those products for particular consumers’ needs).
•    Companies which held the biggest market shares just last year included Hoya Corporation Vision Care Inc, Tokai Optical Co. Ltd, Seiko Optical Products Co. Ltd, Nikon-Essilor Co. Ltd, and Rich Gate Corporation Japan. To realize market leadership, these manufacturers increased brand recognition by aggressively expanding some through various distribution channels, introduced different models of spectacles intended for different ages and markets, and improved their advertising strategies to match the looming threat over the contacts market.
•    The spectacles companies should perform slightly better during 2009–2014 than it did during 2004–2009, and it will be seen as an the next conditions. First, economy brands will take about the premium brands proposed by the key manufacturers. Second, distribution outlets will diversify their product portfolios and seek to bolster their weak sales by introducing other products from other markets, as an example disposable lenses. Third, both fashion and prescription uses will affect one's destiny pattern of demand, with younger consumers using spectacles as fashion accessories because elderly always pinpoint the sell for prescription lenses.

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