How to insert a soft contact lens into eye?

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insert a soft contact lens

Q: How to insert a soft contact lens into eye?

A: Wash hands with soap and dry hands with a paper towel or tissue as an alternative to using a towel. A towel may leave dust on your hands, which often can irritate your eyes whether it gets stuck on the lenses.

Balance the lens with your forefinger. The hand you utilize depends on which feels practical. Usually using the right for the right eye, left to the left eye is most effective.

Operate the contrary to secure your eye open. Specifically beginners, your skills may have the tendency to close once the lens touches your eye. Hold your upper lid as near for a eye brow as it can be and pull your lower lid down. Sometimes it is best suited to hold on to on your lashes together with your fingers because it creates a much better grip on your own eye and causes it to become unlikely to close.

Tilt your chin toward your chest and look upward. This can expose numerous whites of one's eyes. Its best to accomplish this while looking within the mirror.

Put the lens in your eye. It is not important what component of your eye you put the lens on; it will automatically adjust on your own eyeball. Look down and blink slowly to make sure the contact has fully settled onto your eye.

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