HS code for Optical Products

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HS code for Optical Products, like eyeglasses, spectacle lenses, and cases.

The Harmonized System (HS) is the standardized coding system of names and numbers used in international trade. Over 200 countries representing about 98 percent of world trade use the HS as a basis for customs tariffs and the compilation of international trade data and statistics. HS compliance refers to the mandatory proper classification and declaration of goods. As an importer or exporter, you are responsible for the correct declaration of your goods.

900130  Contact lenses
900140  Spectacle lenses of glass (Mineral lenses)
900150  Spectacle lenses of other materials (Hard Resin Lenses)

900311  Frames and mountings: Of plastics
900319  Frames and mountings: Of other materials (Metal)
900390  Parts of Frames and mountings for spectacles, goggles or the like

900410  Sunglasses Frames

HS code for Optical Products accessories

420232  Frame Cases

6307100090 Cloths

HS code for Optical Products.


Why is the HS important?

The accurate classification of goods is a crucial component of a healthy and prosperous economy. It ensures a level playing field for all participants and enables governments to monitor the state of the economy and establish appropriate policies.

HS data is assembled from declarations of imports and exports. The data is then used to determine appropriate duty rates, negotiate trade agreements, maintain trade statistics, and effectively identify goods and shipments that pose a risk to the health, safety and security of Canada.


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