How to Choose Right Frame

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As an indepandent optician or ophthalmologist, select optical frames to consider when lens wear purpose. Some optical frames may be suitable for everyday use, but for the special requirements of the people, may not be appropriate; and some frames are only suitable for certain environment.You need to learn how to choose right frame.

choose right frame

Wearing Comfort

Selection of suitable optical frames also need to take into account the wearing comfort. The effect of myopia glasses wearing comfort factors including frames and the weight of glasses, the latter depends not only on the frame material weight, but also by the frame and lens size, the influence of thickness. The other frame alignment will also affect wear comfort, need correct choice, and adjust the frame. Frame wearing comfort of importance cannot be ignored, complain that the frame that because discomfort people don't complain glasses vision problems are few.

General Considering of how to choose right frame

Frame measurements, SPECTACLE FRAME STRUCTURE and aesthetic sense of wearing glasses such as selection criteria often appear to be contradictory, and then need to know which one is most important, sometimes need some frames to solve various contradictions.

Of course, in addition to the above pints, we also need for frame quality of a certain understanding of itself. When the hand is a pair of glasses, we should from the following angles for observation.

(1) Look at the surface: to select a surface clear, shiny, no defects, scratches, bumps, corrosion, exfoliation, and the glasses temples.

(2) See" mark": formal manufacturers in the frame in addition to print on the number, size also printed card number.

(3) see modeling : the mirror legs open, flat, looking at a mirror and mirror legs are angled, picture frames is size consistent, frame components is symmetric, metal frame with spring legs elastic as to whether the various components, work is fine.

In 1, single handpicked wear will destroy the balance of the lead frame, deformation, suggest you hold glasses leg along the cheeks on both sides parallel to the direction of wear and take off.

2 wear generally folded first left leg, not easy to cause deformation of the frame.

3, recommend rinsing lenses and dry with paper towel water, then use special glasses cloth try rubbing, wiping contact lens network required for holding mirror side frame side wire, gently wipe the lens, to avoid excessive force causing the frame or lens injuries.

4 do not wear glasses, please use the glasses cloth into the glasses box. If the temporary placement of the convex sunglasses is unsuitable, please put up, otherwise easy to wear flower lens. At the same time, glasses should be avoided with pest control agent, toilet cleaning supplies, cosmetics, hair gel, agents s products such as corrosive articles, avoid long-term sunlight and high temperatures ( above 60 degrees Celsius) placed, otherwise easy to cause deterioration of the lens, frame, metamorphism, discoloration.

5, regular professional shop plastic adjustment, frame deformation will give nose and ears burden, lens is easy to lose.

6, do not use glasses during intense exercise, avoid strong impact cause lens broken, causing the eyes and facial injuries; do not use wear lenses, prevent light chromatic cause eyesight to drop; do not look directly at the sun or strong glare light, so as to avoid the eyes hurt.

With above info, I am sure that you know how to choose right frame.

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