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Understanding your frame measurements

Finding the right style of glasses isn’t the only thing you need to consider when buying new spectacles. You also need to understand the frame measurements.

Firstly, consider the lens diameter which is the width of the glasses lens (measured in mm). This will be dependent on your preference for how you want your glasses to look; bear in mind smaller faces may be fine with smaller lens diameters whereas larger faces may need a larger lens depth in order to see more comfortably out of the lenses.

The bridge width (the gap above your nose between the lenses) will be dependent on how large your facial profile is. If you have a larger nose and wider face, go for a bridge width of above 20mm.

Lens depth is an important consideration for complex lenses such as a varifocals and bifocals A larger frame will allow for a wider field of vision and allow your complex lens to be fitted properly and allow both the reading and distance prescription to fit in comfortably.

Considering arm length is also important. Once again, larger faces may feel more comfortable with an arm length of above 140mm.

Finally, the frame width is important to consider for larger faces. If you have a large face you may want to opt for a larger frame to allow for a comfortable pair of spectacles. Sunglass tints are also important to consider, as glasses frames with limited width won’t allow for much shelter from the sun’s rays.

Look at our measurement guide below for guidance on where to find these measurements. If you have a pair of glasses you find particularly comfortable, choose a pair of new glasses with these measurements in order to ensure your new glasses are as comfortable as your old ones.

Measurements on the arm of your spectacles are listed in order of lens diameterbridge width andarm length and will look something along the lines of 52 [] 17 140. Remember, everything is measured in millimeters (mm). Now, hope you understand what is frame measurement.

Besides of above info, you also need to consider SPECTACLE FRAME STRUCTURE when you choose right frame.

 frame measurements

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