How to proceed an eye exam with a snellen chart?

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eye exam with a snellen chart

Q: How to proceed an eye exam with a snellen chart?

A: Nowadays, people are concerned about topic of protect your eyesight. Here we introduce some knowledge as to the eye exam with a snellen chart.

Position the Snellen chart on the wall that is certainly in the area with leastways 20 feet of clear space looking into it.

Measure 20 feet through the wall the chart will be added to. Ensure finito , no more obstacles in the manner and this the chart is at once.

Mark a line and incapacitated for patients to face on.

Bring a person on the marked line.

Hold the patient cover one eye with the eye cover and focus aloud every letter in the chart. When the patient misses only 1 letter, possess the patient please read on your next line.

Record the past line the patient reads accurately, and note what are the vision is. Sharp-sightedness measures are marked about the Snellen Chart.

Ask the individual to repeat accomplishing this using the other eye, and then with both eyes uncovered. Both times, record a final line the sufferer can read accurately.

Record the visual acuity for each and every eye with both eyes uncovered. These roughly measure the patient's eyesight.

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