Will daily contact lenses be worn again?

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daily contact lenses be worn

Q: Will daily contact lenses be worn again?


Daily contact lenses and daily disposables
Daily contacts are meant to be worn for several days or weeks before being replaced, while daily disposable contacts are worn for only one day. Wearing daily disposables more than once increases the risk of complications.

Eye Infections
Wearing daily contact lenses for more than the recommended amount of time increases the risk of harmful bacteria growing on your contact lenses and causing eye infections.

Daily disposables are comfortable because you wear a fresh pair ones every day. If you wear them again, protein build-up blocks oxygen flow to your eye, and water content drops, causing eye irritation and dehydration.
Here you should know more knowledge as the oxygen permeability of contact lenses.

Vision Acuity
Replacing daily contact lenses on time helps prevent loss of vision acuity, as dirt collects on your contact lenses over time and may cause blurry vision.



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