How to cut an optical lens?

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cut an optical lens

Q: How to cut an optical lens?

A: Start with an uncut lens blank that suits the lens prescription. Verify the lens power using your lensometer, an optical tool that registers lens prescriptions. Maintain your lens clean because you work. A September, 2007 article in "20/20" magazine notes that clean lenses are necessary to get a good finishing process. This great article suggests holding the lenses through the edges in order to avoid getting fingerprints or dirt within the lenses while they're being cut.

Apply blocking tape, a material that assists contain the lens within the machine. Open the device, and fasten the lens on the block. The block supports the lens constantly in place as you move the machine minimizes the blank.

Input patient prescription information in the machine. Press start. Wait for the cutting process to end, usually just one minute. The equipment automatically stops if the cutting is finished.

Open the device, and take away the lens through the edger. Eliminate the lens in the block. Remove the blocking tape in the lens. Wipe the lens clean.

Insert the lens into your frame. As here you should know some knowledge of how to mount the lens, especially for rimless optical frame cord mounts. Put the lens from the lensometer, and verify the lens prescription one last time.

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