Customization of FreeFrom Lenses

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Customization of FreeFrom Lenses
The design is optimized for each user.

Three approaches

  1. Morphological customization
  2. Optical customization
  3. Functional customization

Morphological customization


  1. Nasal-pupillary distances (IPD)
  2. Pupil Height (SEGHT)
  3. Tilts (pantoscopic and wrapping)
  4. Back Vertex Distance
  5. Object distance

Optical customization

  1. – Use of the prescription, refraction index and blank values in the optimization process of the lens.
  2. – Optical optimization regardless of the blank
  3. – Reduction of the effect of unwanted cylinder on the power distribution
  4. – Optical optimization for each material (refraction index)

Customization of FreeFrom Lenses

Functional customization of FreeFrom Lenses

  1. – Provide a wide set of different designs to allow the optician to choose the one that better fits the customer needs.
  2. – There is not a complete answer to this question and, probably, there won’t be a complete answer to this question.
  3. – Lens design is a well defined concept; user needs and adaptation are not well defined concepts.

Information from the user

  1. Prescription (hypermetropia, myopia, cylinder, addition).
  2. Intended use of the lens (far, intermediate, near).
  3. Typical tasks (Outdoor, indoor, computer use).
  4. Experience and previous lens (Type of previous design).
  5. Postural behaviour (Head down, Head up, Head tilted).
  6. Receptivity to the use more than one spectacle.




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