Color recommendation for sunglasses

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• YELLOW tints make figures stand out against a blue or green background. May be an option for shooters, skiers and sometimes pilots. However, yellow can interfere with accurate color perception so be careful of color misperception when operating machinery, driving or flying.

• ROSE tints are considered very soothing for the eyes and are good for people who want to brighten things up on a cloudy day or in low light conditions. Also sometimes prescribed for people who work under fluorescent office lighting.

• BROWN and AMBER tints give great contrast and also filter some but not all blue light so they may be the better pick over yellow. A good choice for many outdoor enthusiasts including tennis players and golfers.

• COPPER provides good contrast. Another favorite of golfers.

• GREEN tints also filter some blue light and tend to yield the best visual function due to the human eye being most sensitive to green wavelengths of light. Green boasts high contrast even in low light conditions.

• GRAY most importantly keeps color perception 100-percent true. It also offers good contrast in most situations and cuts glare. It is the most popular tint for sunglasses for general use and is also considered good for driving.

• GRAY/GREEN is also known as G-15. It is a combo of green and gray and transmits 15 percent of light.

• BLUE tints are comfortable and contrast enhancing. Prescribed sometimes for migraine sufferers though further research is needed to prove its efficacy.

• PURPLE tints keep colors true while still blocking some sun, a favorite choice for hunters. Another option for golfers.

Color recommendation for sunglasses

By using lenses with different tints, one can enhance contrast in certain environments and decrease glare. Various colored tints can allow the wearer to optimize their visual function during activities and hobbies with distinct visual demands such as biking, fishing, hunting and climbing, not to mention sports like golf, tennis, volleyball and baseball. By enhancing figure-ground contrast, they can fine-tune and accentuate the contrast of certain objects in their environments under a variety of lighting conditions. Simply pop and switch the lenses to meet the visual requirements that their weekend outing or athletic adventure dictates. Interchangeable sunglasses present wearers with the ultimate in customization and optimization of visual function at their fingertips.

We have been trained to recognize that different tints can deliver different benefits. As eyecare professionals, it is up to us to talk to our patients and navigate them through the lens and tint options that best complement their lifestyle. Find Wholesale Polarized Sunglasses.

Interchangeable sunglass systems are available from a number of manufacturers. Some offer the option to add a prescription to the lenses. Polarization, clear lenses without tint, lenses with reading adds and mirror or fl ash coatings are other options sometimes available. Guide your patients through choosing the interchangeable sunglass system that best suits all of their visual needs.


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