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To make the frames to be truly rimless, the temples, (ear pieces), and the bridge, (nose piece), have to be assembled and supported by the lens, and you need to caring for 3 PIECE RIMLESS EYEWEAR. Recent technology has made today’s rimless eyewear more flexible and durable than in the past, but, due to the absence of protection of an eyerim around the lens, the susceptibility of lens cracking, crazing, or breaking is a possibility, if not properly cared for. With this thought in mind, to best protect your investment, please follow these simple guidelines:3 PIECE RIMLESS EYEWEAR


1.Remember, always handle your eyeglasses with two hands, one hand will damage the balance stress between left and right. Putting on and removing the eyeglasses with two hands will help reduce the stress put on the lenses by the temples. Grasp the temples midway and gently slide your glasses on and off.

2. Always put them in the hard, protective eyeglass case provided, when you are not wearing your eyeglasses. If you must set them down temporarily, always close the temples and set them down with the lenses face up to protect the lenses from coming in contact with anything that might scratch them.

3. Remember, never let anyone else try your eyeglasses on.
The 3 piece is specifically adjusted to fit your face and head. Letting someone else try them on can disturb the adjustment.

4. Never try to straighten your eyeglasses out yourself. These 3-piece frames require different handling than standard eyewear.Please come in periodically and let our trained eyecare professionals adjust your glasses.

5. Rinse your lenses with water before wiping and cleaning them to remove small surface particles that can scratch the lenses when rubbed across the lens surface.

6. Use mild dishwashing liquid and warm water to remove oils and other residue or use a lens cleaner specifically designed for your lenses.

7. Remember, always wipe your glasses with a clean, soft, lint-free cloth. Lens cloths made of 100% cotton are best.

If you follow these simple guidelines, you will enjoy your rimless eyewear for years to come.


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