Canada custom import duty or tax for sunglasses or eyeglasses frames

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The Canada custom import duty or tax for sunglasses or eyeglasses frames is 0% ,
The import GST depends on the province, when classified under Health & Beauty → Eye Care → Frames of Plastic with HS commodity code 9003.11.1000. To check more HS code for optical products.

If the package is inspected, you will also be charged a brokerage fee. Canada Post's rate is usually about $8. UPS is more ($20-30).

Import duty and taxes are due when importing goods into Canada whether by a private individual or a commercial entity.  The duty valuation method is FOB (Free on Board), which means that the import duty is calculated exclusively on the value of the imported goods.  In addition to duty, imports may be subject to other taxes such as GST (General Sales Tax), PST (Provincial Sales Tax), or a combination of both known as HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) depending on the type of importer and province.  Sales tax is calculated based on the sum of the value of the goods, the duty, and the excise duty (if applicable).  The amount of duty and taxes due depends on the place of residence of the importer rather than on the location where the goods enter Canada.

Canada custom import duty or tax for sunglasses or eyeglasses frames

Duty Rates
Duty rates in Canada range between 0% and 35%, where the average duty rate is 8.56%.  Some goods are not subject to duty (e.g. certain electronic products, antiques, toys, etc.). Check HS code for Optical Products.

Sales Tax
Commercial importers are only subject to GST.  Private importers are subject to HST (i.e. GST + PST).  Sales tax rates vary by province.  The table below outlines sales tax estimates in the different provinces:

Province Sales tax type Provincial Rate Combined rate
Alberta GST 0.00% 5.00%
British Colombia HST 0.00% 5.00%
Manitoba GST + PST 7.00% 12.00%
New Brunswick HST 8.00% 13.00%
Newfoundland and Labrador HST 8.00% 13.00%
Northwest Territories GST 0.00% 5.00%
Nova Scotia HST 10.00% 15.00%
Nunavut GST 0.00% 5.00%
Ontario HST 8.00% 13.00%
Prince Edward Island GST + PST 9.00% 14.00%
Quebec GST + PST 8.50% 14.98%
Saskatchewan GST + PST 5.00% 10.00%
Yukon GST 0.00% 5.00%


Calculation results Duty Calculator
Cost of Product CA$10000.00
Cost of Shipping and Insurance CA$1000.00
Import duty CA$0.00
Sales Tax CA$500.00
Any additional taxes CA$0.00
Total import duty & taxes CA$500.00
Cost of product & import incl import duty and taxes CA$11500.00

Notes on ProvinceSaskatchewan Province, Canada

Notes on duty & taxes rates

  • Eyeglasses frames is duty free has a GST + PST rate of 5.0% .

Notes on import taxes due

  • Please note that your shipping provider may add an additional handling fee
  • USD/CAD exchange rate of 1.0568, is assumed

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