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NXT Eyewear Wholesale

The weight of NXT Eyewear just isn’t in excess of 9 grams.

Each frame have to have went through the hard-coating process in OEM Italian factory. Although large and luster be everlasting preserved, and also the NXT frame excels the alcohol and heat resistance generally. Totally different from the normal frame, the metal part that was adopted is high-elasticity Titanium material that may prevent chemical erosion while obtaining anti-allergy. This application has the ability to blend wearer’s facial shape well in order to attain the ultimate comfort.

NXT could be the latest invention individuals military patent material. Oahu is the same material that placed onto the windscreen of AH-64 Apache as well as vehicle’s bullet-proved glass.

Its high tenacity and elasticity that surpasses graphite can provide the wearer with great comfort.

NXT Characteristic

Polyurethane is a term composed-resin that possesses low specific gravity, excellent luster, wear-resistance and high flexibility and tenacity. The thickness frame is between 1.8 – 2.0mm. Due to the characteristic of high tenacity, it greatly cuts down on the probability to crack or break while installing or adjusting.


There are approximately 10 different colors for free choices. Each of them is translucent which blends in complexion perfectly and highlights the top quality taste. Its stunning styles definitely astonish everyone.

The optimum optical fitting

Lens is set up in the grooved-cutting frame. Since the frame material is elastic and tenacious, it will not produce excessive counterforce to the lens. On the contrary, it keeps the wearer the optimum optical fitting all along so that it will not cause dizziness.

Prevent harmful UV ray comprehensively

It can be recognized that safety lens can filter and block UV ray. Now, while NTX eyewear applies the identical function, it forms “double-protection” to the wearer.

TENON! Get rid of loose parts

The full frame adopts a no-screw design. Hence, this ‘problem-free’ device can prevent fallen temple/lens and missing nose pads that the consequence of loose screw. The tenon’s simple and easy design is definitely the perfect joint along with the neat feature.

Challenge the safety limit

With all the high elastic 3D frame, very easy only produce high tenacity to defend and fix the lens properly but in addition tackle using the impact from outer force easily. As a result, it offers a superior with absolute safety.NXT eyewear Wholesale