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In China, total 1,300,000,000 of the population, nearly 400,000,000 of patients have myopia problem, total of 600,000,000 vision correction populations, equivalent to 5 times the total population of Japan. However, the difference between China and Japan in the optical industry and overall market data has a world of difference.The report gives you Analytics of Chinese Optical Industry.

Chinese optical retail sales value is about RMB 20 billion in 2011, a total of 4 thousand stores. Though half of which are without production license of the store, either lens manufacturers or retailers are still in a bloom market, there is no big advantage for minority in market share. InJapan, the lens for a year to consume 20,000,000 pairs, and has nearly 10,000 retail stores. At the same time, the Japanese90% lens supply concentrated in four factories, 50% of retail sales in the top 20retail brands.

Analytics of Chinese Optical Industry is in the primary stag, that means Chinese glasses industry in the future have great opportunities. In 1990s, hard resin lens replacement glass lenses, Chinese optical industry has experienced a massive growth, most small retail enterprises in the time gradually became chains and giant.

In fact, this is the product of technological innovation trend gives the industry a value-added opportunities. Enter twenty-first Century, Chinese optical industry development in product innovation trend is more clear and rapid industrialization.

The first is the original in the global scope of multifocal lenses in elderly consumer groups focus more products in China the age-based applied to groups of young people, and give the" slow visual development” demands. The youth group consumption level geometry level promotion, and even some retail system for groups of adolescents was developed based on the" slow down and control the visual appeal of" combined sales of products. And through the adolescent multifocal lenses sales more than familiar with the focus of product, will be more focus gradually shifted to the application in the older age groups. Even in the past two years, through the" relieving eye fatigue"," decompression" appeal, will be more focus design applied to 30 years of age in the adult population. Significant market information is, the same parameters of the lens, multifocal after reveal the value and retail prices are on the increase.

Secondly, Chinese optical market, behind there is a typical feature of Chinese consumers, i.e. glasses per capita is very low. InJapan, 200,00,000 pairs of lenses sales, tinted lens probably accounted for nearly 8%. While the Chinese market staining, photo chromic or polarized lens, this is equivalent to second or even third choice for a paid glasses. A whole glasses market depth is still a big space, so that the industry players do not attach importance to, another aspect in such products operating on either the technical improvement or sales system and terminal breed to optical industry have a larger promotion space.

Therefore, the trend is that the product become more focus in the future will be clearer, more profitable space, progressive design innovation, product brand and model building, sales system auxiliary, optometry and assembly of technical support, perfect customer service system and case sharing is an important consideration of multifocal supplier.

In recent years, optical chain stores and web-shops are growing somewhat beyond all expectations, even when the monopoly is the most difficult turnover in older consumers and contact lens based. In fact, these examples of success is the reaction of Chinese optical market depth of space exist, however the stores for retail products research is the most worthy of study. In fact, this is the supplier for the requirements of the" retail system support" problem. So according to this phenomenon, the challenge for industry supplier is how to better help customers to create value


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