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Optician Club-China Eyeglasses Manufacturers

Dedicated for Independent Optometrists and Ophthalmologists

Optician Club is a business alliance joined by leading China Eyeglasses manufacturers, who are dedicated to provide excellent products and service for individual optometrists and opticians worldwide.

We are proud to make a breakthrough of establishing a bridge across any wholesaler or sub-distributor, delivering the fashionable and reliable spectacle frames from our factories’ warehouse directly to your shop windows.

We hope you benefit from the opportunities of China Eyeglasses manufacturers while minimizing investments and risks.

China Eyeglasses manufacturers

As an individual ECP, it is impossible to order directly from Chinese factories, as the minimum order qty for frame mass production is 300pcs/model. With limited budget concerned, you have no choice but buying frames from local wholesalers or distributors.

Now, Optician Club gives you the opportunity for breaking the rules.

With over 10 years overseas marketing experience, we know the eyewear fashion trend and market needs, we set up this up-to-date fashionable and profitable spectacle frame inventory with internet access.

We carry on two collections of products,

Easy Handling is an economic line, which contains the classic and basic style of frames at a wholesaler price, which lead you to an unbeatable position among fierce competition.

Brand Tail is an up-market line, which contains the fashionable and attractive style of frames with outstanding quality control skills output, in this zone, you will find something can really hold your customers’ eyes and heart.

In Optician Club, you only need to order 1pc/model, with total qty over 100pcs, the price is exactly the same as bulk manufacture prices. With the same amount of investment, you can provide your clients more choice for eyewear fashion.

Now, it is time for you to stop compromising, and it is time for you to make a difference.

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We will be waiting for your any inquires.