1.74 Index MR-1.74 Lenses

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1.74 Index MR-1.74 Lenses

MR = Mitsui Resin (Misui Chemical Company)

Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. (MCI) contributes to society by providing high quality products and services to customers through innovations and creation of materials while maintaining harmony with the global environment.

R.I. 1.74: MR-174™

1.74 Index MR-1.74 Lenses Ultra high index lens material for ultra thin lenses.



Strong prescription lens wearers are now free from thick and heavy lenses.


MR™ Series is a brand name of the raw material for optical lenses.

MR™ Series based lenses are available from most leading lens manufacturers.

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MR™ Series Features

HIGH REFRACTIVE INDEX for thinner & lighter lenses

  • Optical glasses are now fashionable with light weighted lenses.
  • MR™ Series offers 3 different refractive index products (R.I. 1.60, 1.67, 1.74).



    With higher index materials, it is possible to achieve thinner lenses with the same strength.

1.74 Index MR-1.74 Lenses


SUPERB OPTICAL QUALITY for wearer comfort

  • Both high refractive index and high Abbe number provide optical performance similar to glass lenses.
  • Glass mold-casted MR™ Series shows minimal stress-strain.



    (Optical quality is superior to injection molded polycarbonate lens)


    1.74 Index MR-1.74 Lenses




MECHANICAL STRENGTH to protect wearers from accidental injury

  • High impact and static load resistance helps promote wearer eye safety.



    (Pass US-FDA drop ball test standards)

  • Good tensile strength for fashionable rimless frames.
  • Good processability for precisely designed progressive lenses (Advantage of thiourethane materials) .
  1.74 Index MR-1.74 Lenses



Durability during long time use under severe conditions

  • Good weatherability provides minimal change in lens color after years of usage.
  • Good compatibility with coating materials.

MR™ Lens Production Process

1.74 Index MR-1.74 Lenses


1. Preparation of MR™ Series

illust_Preparation of MR™ Series

Mix MR™ monomer (component) A & B with additives, then degas the MR™ monomer mixture.


2. Filling


Fill molds with the MR™ monomer mixture.


3. Polymerization


Place the filled molds into ovens, where they undergo a heat-cycle, turning the MR™ monomer mixture into a MR™ lens.


4. Grinding / Polishing


Grind and polish the surface of the MR™ lens to create a curvature for required strength.


5. Tinting


Tint the surface of the MR™ lens.


6. Coating




Hard Coating



Anti Reflection Coating

Coat the surface of the MR™ lens to protect from scratches, reflection etc.


7. Final Inspection

Photo_Final Inspection

Inspect the coa



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